Gaming Cooperation System Information

If you are looking for new partners in the gaming industry you find the right place.
Gaming Cooperation System (GCS) will help to connect and do professional business developing work with thousands of gaming companies/portals worldwide.

The system allows easy business develop tracking & follow-ups and will allow you to generate CSV reports on your work.

GCS Options
1. Contact thousands of gaming portals/companies for cooperation. (Easy to click and contact)
* The system will record every action you connected to this portal/company.

2. Easy search options: by domain name and advance search options.
* Filter by portals/companies category, portal language, cooperation type, company services...

3. Multiple connection options for each portal: Emails, URLs, Skype, Linkedin...

4. Send promotion offers to targeted gaming related companies/portals in the gaming industry and get quick exposure to your company need.

5. Generate and download business developing reports and see with whom you contacted, date, what cooperation type you did, follow-up notes and more.

6. Domain ownership detection will allow you to track if the gaming company own more than one portal. The system will show you all connected portals. (To prevent duplicate contacting)

7. The system all the time update with new gaming portals/companies and the auto remove none active portals.

8. Get targeted notifications from gaming companies/portals for marked subjects that interesting you.

9. Quick submit option for Flash/Html5/Mobile/PC games in many portals.
* The system will organize everything for you and will help you track where your games were submitted. (Active links to the submitted games)

10. Fast link exchange with hundreds of gaming portals.
* The system will track everything for you.

Is it free?

The GCS is free and you can use the bonuses options to earn free credits.
However, in order to pay for the servers, further development, keep updating the database with new portals & companies and effective support we need your help.
By buying one of the packages will help us cover these costs.
Thank you for your support!

I have many games that we want to distribute what I need to do?

Step 1: Go to "Add a game" and add your game information.
Step 2: In the advance search options click "Submit Game" and select one of the portals to submit your games.
Step 3: In the portal information you will see ">>> Submit Game Link " and by clicking on it the system will open new window in that portal.
Step 4: Choose from the list of games you added to and you wish to submit and click "Go"
Step 5: The system will show you the game information for easy distribution and option to update the game url as shown in the portal.
Step 6: Fill in the game submit window all the needed information and submit your game in the portal.
Step 7: Check after few days if they submit your game in their portal by searching it or just go to Google and search it.
* Example my game name is Angry Birds and the portal I submitted the game was so I go to the Google and write in the search the following: Angry Birds
Step 8: If they submitted the game in the portal than just update the game url in the system for future tracking.
* This will allow you easy tracking where you submitted your games with urls.
Step 9: Click on "Show list of your submitted games" will show you list of your games and where you submitted them.
Step 10: When downloading CSV report you can see the number of games submitted vs number of games that have confirmation url that they actually appear in the portal.

I found that one of the email/portal not working what to do?

We try our best to keep the emails/portals updated.
If you found that one of the email/portal not working please report to us using the contact option.

I want to remove my email/portal from your database

No problem just contact us and write us that you want to remove your email/portal from the list.

How you collect the information on Alexa and Google page ranks?

We run script that collect the data from Alexa and Google.
If you see Alexa rank 99,999,999 it's mean that alexa do not have data on the portal.
If you see Google page rank 0 it's mean that our script could not collect the data from Google on this portal.